Into My Love

How can this limitless feeling
be expressed in the limited terms
of my poor, exhausted tongue?
I lick the corner of my mouth,
unsure, and stare at a blank screen,
waiting to be filled with endless
thoughts of you. I hold my breath,
anticipating the flood. I breath,
counting each syllable, measuring
each rhyme, and into the vast expanse,
deeper and deeper I dive,
spilling into the infinite, hoping
to find you there, ready to join me
in the unquenchable object of my words.


3 thoughts on “Into My Love

  1. Your words are inspiring, even if they remain unknown. As if they are only a shadow that I thought I glimpsed out of my peripherals. But little do I know at the time, that shadow may be the one thing that I was missing for so long.


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