From Deep in The Forests of My Sleep

From deep in the forest of my sleep,
beneath a linen canopy crumpled white,
I feel my lover move—
She inches the good rise of her round hips
into the crook of my dormant body
and flatters me with gentle pressure.
Her warm, welcoming flesh against my soft belly
lures me from the woods.
I sink my nose into lush black hair,
catching the familiar scent of strawberry licorice,
and Oh! I delight there—
I delight in the wavy texture at her roots
where perm has out grown
and nature offers up a small piece of the woman
that only I know.
I delight in the skin of her back,
soft brown and smooth-wrapped
over thin ridges of muscle
that form the valley
that guides my kisses up and down her spine.
I delight in pinching her tapered ankles
with mischievous toes,
like little secrets beneath the sheets.
And Yes! I delight in the rare white flame
that finds its way
to the center of my simmering hips.

She takes my clumsy hand in hers, guiding me
with hypnotic charm
to the places hungry for my touch,
and slowly draws that white shank of heat
from my awakening core.
Her breath comes in deep draughts,
mine in quick gulps.
And when her nimble fingers
measure my body’s response,
the heat is too much for my mortal husk to bear—

I seize my lover with uncivilized force,
tumbling down without reserve
to splash and soak in the wet rage
of uncommon desire,
while she, rich with passions of her own,
grants favor
in a smile of pleasant surprise.
No coy mistress is she, no bashful schoolgirl—
She welcomes outright my every hoof and horn,
and quickly lifts her honeyed hips
to bridge the welling night and slip naked
into the silk of dizzy lover’s dreams.

For one brilliant instant, the world is ours
beneath billowing sheets
thrown high
and settling, slow,
to form an airy dome of pleasure.
In that perfect moment, I pull her tight
with all my knotted strength,
while she, with equal force and legs
like tangled vines, secures her hold
and urges me deeper. No knees bear me up,
no elbows brace me—
I’ll have it all this good night:
every inch and every ounce of need between us.
And Oh! We crush atoms in the balance,
two becoming one—
one breath, one mouth, one form.
And when at last that white flame leaps,
it leaves our bodies limp,
and we, content to drift in warm repose,
ride the waves in love’s fine wake
to sleep, to sleep, to peaceful yawning sleep.


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